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  • Aussie Décor Transfers – Australian Wildflowers 3

    Australian Wildflowers III – Gumnuts & Grevilleas – Aussie Decor Transfers Dry Rub Transfer
    Sizes of each image is on pic.
    Applicator tool included.
    Australia’s beloved Gumnut blossoms & Grevilleas. Part of our national story and identity. Aussies love them so much, May Gibbs wrote a story about them!

    Vibrant gumnuts, grevilleas, eucalyptus leaves and a sprig of wattle rounds out this beautiful, Aussie transfer.

    All images cut separately for ease of use

    Individual image sizes on label as well as here.

    Total of all 14 images combined and included in this transfer  is approx. 700mm x 700mm (27.56″ x 27.56″)